(“There's nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”--Hamlet).

Our minds keep us continuously engaged in thinking, about what and how we feel--and about what pleases or frustrates us. It is easy, under the stress of sustained frustration, to become hostage to persistent negative thoughts and to associated anxiety reactions. HOW we think is central to our emotional well-being; replacing negative thoughts and emotions with positive intentions is challenging but also ultimately liberating. I'll help you discover and cultivate virtuous attitudes enabling positive emotion as well as clarity in handling issues and problems.

My own melding, over 30 years of practice, of understandings from behavioral, dynamic and Eastern thinking, with empathetic relationship with each client has led to productive, individualized, collaborative counseling/coaching program. In its essence, it seeks to bring about change in handling problems by bringing change to thinking about them.

A trust between us will form a relationship that facilitates examination of thoughts, feelings and actions. I'll look to working with you in joint exploration of relationships (communication), of suffering (problems), and of the signal challenge of awareness -- always encouraging and helping you to turn openly to this endeavor.